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The Danger of Hypersexualization of Children

Fred Kaeser, ED.D. former health director of the NYC Department of Education visited a first grade class in 1999 to discuss the basics of human reproduction. He shared this conversation he had:

“Out of the blue, this little six-year-old boy raised his hand and asked me, “Dr. Fred, did the President really pull his pants down and have that lady kiss his privates?” Within seconds virtually all the other students in the class started nodding their heads and chatting out loud, “I heard that too Dr. Fred”; “Oh, that’s gross”; “Is that true Dr. Fred?”
Dr. Kaeser noted five year olds using words like “that’s so gay” without having a clue as to what it means. An eight year old asked questions about dildos and wanted to know how a man can become a woman. A ten year old asked about rimming and is it okay to do it.

That was over twenty years ago. Things are much worse now. It is bad enough that children are exposed to the inappropriate behavior of adults from the President on down to entertainment media, internet sexual predators, etc. Now preoccupation with sexual ideologies and behaviors has crept into our schools, K-12.

The notion that informal discussions about sexual and gender issues is not a form of “education” is bogus. Children are impressionable, curious and trusting. If an adult tells them something, it must be true and right. They are mimics of whatever behavior they are exposed to. Anything that goes into our minds early in life and often in life is more likely to remain there for a long time.

Is it any wonder then that by the time kids reach their teen or college years, rampant sexuality and experimentation with all kinds of gender ideologies occurs? And all the attendant consequences, such as STD’s, unwanted pregnancies, depression, anxiety, insecurity, inability to maintain lasting relationships, among a host of other problems.

But why should we accept the super-sexualization of children in schools? In our own backyards ie communities? Shouldn’t parents have a say about this?

They will with the help of the Great Schools Initiative and the rogue sex-education opt-out form which is provided on this website.

We hope that teachers and administrators will recognize the legitimacy of parental concern and will respond accordingly. Let’s get back to the basics- “reading, writing, arithmetic” as they used to say. Stop the school “sexuality train” dead in its tracks. Opt- Out!

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