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Parents in Benzie Schools Win on Abortion Discussion Prohibition

Michigan is one of eight states that legally restricts information, discussions about or referrals given to students about abortion.

Michigan law states that “clinical abortion shall not be considered a method of family planning, nor shall abortion be taught as a method of reproductive health.” (MCL380.1507)

Promoters of the National Sexuality Education Standards state the following:

“We view abortion as something that needs to be normalized as one of a range of options when dealing with unintended pregnancy.”

National Sex Education Standards, in it’s 2020 version, serves as “an indoctrination camp in extremist sexual ethics designed to destroy children’s innocence and undermine their attachment to the traditional, Judeo-Christian understanding of sex and marriage.” (The Federalist)

Abortion, as a contraceptive “tool” should NOT become the “norm” for children to be indoctrinated with. It sends the message that girls or women should never feel regret or shame about a decision to have an abortion, but in fact should celebrate it as their “constitutional reproductive right” and “essential to women’s health”. It becomes an acceptable “safety valve” to teens if they “mess up” so why worry about the consequences of unrestrained sex?

In Benzie County, Michigan, parents filed a complaint with the school district about the issue of abortion as discussed in a classroom. To their credit, the middle school in question does not contain any instruction on clinical abortion or promote it as a form of family planning. The issue at hand was that a student asked “what is a late term abortion” and the teacher answered the question. That involved also showing a short video which discussed what terms and trimesters are in baby development. However, the School Superintendent reminded the health ed teaching staff not to answer questions regarding abortion should a student ask a question about it. Furthermore, they will task their sex education advisory board (SEAB) with developing a recommended response that teachers can use when students ask about abortion.

This was a responsible and commendable reply from the Benzie County school district officials. Parents who uncover these discussions and report them are vital in the fight to stop the normalization of sexual practices and ideologies deemed harmful and inappropriate. Great Schools Initiative was instrumental in advising parents in regard to this issue in Benzie County.

To even begin a discussion with children and youth about abortion can lead to many controversial, hot button statements and conclusions. These may run contrary to what parents want their kids to know and often draws the teacher into biased opinions best left unsaid.

Parents are winning these battles around the state and nation. Be assured you are not alone. Don’t be afraid or hesitant to speak out at school board meetings and to report inappropriate issues to your school officials. GSI provides Opt-Out forms which you can download to present to school officials. This will send a strong message that hypersexualization of children will not be tolerated any longer in the K-12 environment.

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