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Is Your School District Celebrating Pride Month?

For two decades Pride Month has been celebrated in the month of June. This was by declaration of President Bill Clinton in 1998 and 1999. President Obama jumped on board and declared the same with every year in office. In fact, he added the “T” to LGBTQ. President Biden, not to be outdone, extended it to “LGBTQ+Pride Month”. “Q+” includes gender identity lessons and drag queen burlesque shows for kids.

Pushback against Pride Month has now become more heated and nationwide. Why? Because the sexualization of children is no longer a fringe movement but has moved to the mainstream. Not just in gay bars and schools in San Francisco. Corporations, the Smithsonian, retailers, social media, TV commercials, bookstores, libraries, the entertainment world and, yes, schools are now on board with this.

Now, parents are witnessing school events during Pride Month such as the display of rainbow-striped pride flags, videos celebrating pride month, “fun facts” sheet for kids to learn definition of words such as gender, pride, gay, lesbian and transgender. All supposedly justified by the “struggle for social justice and the civil rights” of this oppressed, LGBTQ community.

Pride Month is even more in your face now at libraries, gay bars and even some schools with Drag Queen Reading Hour complete with “twerking” drag queens and “It’s Not Going to Lick Itself!” bright pink neon signs.

What can parents do?

  • First, get informed. Find out what is planned and who is making the decisions. Be proactive and ask. Use the sample letter below or make up your own. Remember these are your children and State Law expressly and clearly forbids this form of “rogue sex education” in schools.

  • Second, Opt-Out. You do not have to let your child be subjected to Rogue Sex-Education. The GSI Opt-Out Form includes a section that speaks directly to Pride Week. If you have not yet done so, fill out the form and turn it in. If you have any problems with the school not honoring your Opt-Out, let us know.

  • Third, Let GSI Know. As you receive responses from your district, let GSI know what is being planned, what policies are in place, and who is making the decisions. Fill out the Pride Week Plans Form.

Here is a template form that can be used to submit to your school principals and superintendents:

Dear (name of superintendent in your school district),

LGBTQ Pride Month will be coming up in June. I would like to know the following with regard to this:

  • Will there be announcements in your schools generally or in any of the classrooms about or relating to this event? If so, what will be the content of these announcements?

  • Will signage or flags regarding this event be posted in the schools?

  • Will handouts be given to students and if so what is the content?

  • Will the signage or handouts contain QR codes?

  • Will any items be handed out such as pins or stickers?

  • When will the SEAB (Sex Education Advisory Board) be reviewing the above items to make its recommendations for the Board of Education to approve?

  • Will any Pride groups such as GSA ( Gender and Sexuality Alliance) be promoted?

  • Are other opposing groups being contacted to be given an opportunity to present their viewpoints?

  • Are you placing any restrictions on speech, ideas or content on pride groups or opposing (traditional family) groups?

  • What activities will the children be asked to participate in?


(Sign your name)

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