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Finding out if your school is compliant with the Sex Ed Laws

Updated: Mar 23

Finding out if your school is updating their sexual education curriculum. and if the district has a legally compliant Sex Education Advisory Board (SEAB)

1) Review your district’s board of education meeting minutes for the past 12 to 24 months to see if they have established a SEAB (Sexual Education Advisory Board) or the like.  Board meeting minutes are commonly posted on the district website. If there is nothing in the minutes, go directly to emailing the board asking if there have been any changes made to the sexual education curriculum in the past two years, or if any are planned.  And when was the last time the district formed a SEAB? 

You may need to submit a FOIA to obtain this information. Download a SEAB FOIA Template Here.

2) If a SEAB has been established, do some diligence to ensure your district is in compliance with MCL 380.1507.If a school district offers sex ed, the school board must form a sex education advisory board (SEAB) that meets the follwoing criteria:-Establishes the term of service for members;-Establishes the number of members that will serve on the SEAB;-Establish a selection process that reflects the school district population;-Appoint 2 co-chairs, one of which is to be a parent of a child attending a school operated by the school district;-At least 1/2 of members must be parents with a child in the district;-SEAB members must Include pupils, educators, local clergy, and community health professionals; and -The SEAB establishes goals and objectives.  At least once every two year, the SEAB must measure and report to parents how these goals and objectives have been met, or not met. (Ask for these reports!)**If your district does not have an established SEAB, it is not legally allowed to engage in or offer sex education.  Further, any updates or changes that have been made to the district's sex education curriculum or materials without having gone through the legal processed would be a violation of MCL 380.1507.It does not mean that districts without an established policy are doing so out of malfeasance - they may simply not have been aware of the law.  If such, the need to course correct and establish policies that would put them in legal compliance.

3) Step up and volunteer! IF you and members of your parent group or community can get on the SEAB that would be optimal!

4)Whether you are on the SEAB or not, be sure to keep copies of all board of education approved sex education curriculum, lesson plans, and materials to ensure it is being followed and not being changed without going through the proper process.  You should not have to FOIA as this material is to be made available to parents and to the public.  Here is a link to 380.1507 that goes over the SEAB formation and sex education development process.  Note this is just one of many Michigan laws that govern sex education in our state.

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