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Courageous Parents in Benzie Schools Successfully Fight Against the Rogue Sex-Ed in School

All across America parents are joining the fight against the illegal indoctrination of children and youth with school sponsored Rogue Sex-Ed.

Parents are letting it be known that the following is NOT okay:

  • neglecting the parental right to be involved in the selection of sex education curriculum through the school's SEAB

  • promotion and acceptance of sexual activities in minors with dismissal of abstinence as the foremost proper remedy

  • lack of transparency as to what is actually being taught and discussed in classrooms on sexual issues

Michigan law (MCL380.1507) requires that if there is a sex education curriculum in a school district, there needs to be a Sex Education Advisory Board (SEAB). The purpose of this board is to review and recommend changes or updates to sex-ed curriculum. They present their recommendations to the school board.

The SEAB is to include parents, pupils, educators, local clergy and community health professionals. They are required to be formed at least once every two years and establish goals and plans for reducing rates of sexual activity, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. And, at least once every two years they are to evaluate whether progress has been made with a report presented to the school board. The school board is then legally required to provide this information to parents in the community.

The Benzie County Central School District was found to be in violation in reference to their SEAB requirements. Upon complaints filed by parents, they acknowledged that they had not reconvened their SEAB at least once every two years with no reports filed as to meeting the above stated goals. Great Schools Initiative (GSI) assisted parents in bringing this matter to their attention.

Benzie Schools is to be commended for taking steps to correct state law violations in their school district. They have now formed a new SEAB and will engage in ongoing meetings to determine if sex-ed curriculum updates are needed.

Parents can make a huge difference in this battle to restore safety and privacy for their kids in the matter of sex education. They have also made a difference in regards to discussions about abortion in a Benzie County middle school. Benzie County parents were courageous in stepping up to engage in a dialog with their school administrators. The outcome does not have to be adversarial or hostile as was demonstrated in the results with Benzie County school officials. And, with the assistance of Great Schools Initiative, parents can rest assured that an organization “has their back” and will provide guidance as needed.

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